what is S3?

S3 provides developers, administrator and IT teams with secure durable, highly scalable object storage.

  • Amazon S3 is simple to use for all web services interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere, anytime on the web.
  • S3 is that place where we can store your files.
  • It is a object based storage.
  • The data is spread across multiple devices and facilities with all the flexiblity.

Block based storage: Install OS / Install any Application’s

Object based storage: Store files / videos / images / document

S3 Basic:-

  • S3 is object based i.e allows you to upload files
  • Files can be 0 bytes to 5TB
  • There is unlimited storage
  • S3 is a universal namespace, that is names must be unique globally.
  • when you upload a file to S3 you will receive a HTTP 200 code if the upload was successful.

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