what is Git?

Git is called a Version Control System ( VCS ). It is a software that support to software Developers to work together and maintain all the data and history of their work.

what is the functions of a VCS:-

  • It’s maintain all the work history.
  • Does not allow overwriting each other’s changes.
  • Its allows all the Developers to work simultaneously.

There are two types of Version Control System ( VCS ).

  • Centralized version control system ( CVCS ).
  • Distributed and Decentralized version control system ( DVCS ).

Centralized version control system ( CVCS ):-

CVCS uses a central server to store all the files and enables team collaboration.

Drawbacks of CVCS:-

  • its single point of failure , i.e, failure of the central server.
  • Developers can’t be work if central server goes down for an hour.
  • Suppose, central server gets corrupted and proper backup has not been taken, then it might be possible you can lose your data and entire history of the project.

Distributed Version control system:-

  • In case of DVCS, if server goes down, then the repository from any client can be copied back to the server to restore it.
  • And Every Checkout is a complete backup of the repository.
  • you can perform many operations when you are offline.
  • we can commit changes and perform all the operations when you are offline.

Advantages of Git:-

  • Git is a open source tool. And its released under GPL’s open source license.
  • All the operations of git performs locally and it gives a big benefit in terms of speed.
  • There is no need to interact with the remote server for each and every operation’s performed.
  • Size of data on the client side is very small or its depends on the repository of server.
  • Git using a common cryptographic hash function called SHA1 ( secure hash function).
  • We don’t need a powerful hardware for configuring Git server.
  • We can easily create,delete, and merge branches.


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