What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a network based object store and services that locates and manages resources.

  • It makes all the resources to authorized users and groups.
  • The Principle of Active Directory is that everything is considered an object
    – people
    – servers
    – Workstations
    – Documents
    – Devices
  • Forest, Trees and Domains are includes in Active Directory
  • Forest is a collection of single or multiple trees.
  • Trees are collection of single or multiple domains arranged in hierarchy using child-parent relationship.Prerequisite of Active Directory :-
  • Windows 2000/2003 Server Operation System
  • TCP/IP protocol and IP address
  • Network card with active state
  • NTFS partition

What are the Advantages of ADS?

LDAP Support : – Active Directory Server uses LDAP which allows other LDAP compatible

application to communicate with ADS.

Scalable: Active Directory Server is scalable to meets customer requirement.

Extensibility: we can extend feature of ADS by updating schema

Centralized Data storing : All Domain information is store in a single.

Directory enabled application support : Using Application data partition feature we can allows application to use ADS feature.

Policy Based Administration.

Which authentication protocol is supported by ADS?

  • Kerberos
  • NTLM

How can I make my server a dimain controller ( DC )  ?

In the run command type “dcpromo” it pulls up the wizard for the configuration.

Whats is Function of Sysvol? What is FRS?

  • Sysvol is a special public folder located on NTFS partition of Domain Controller.
  • Sysvol is used for storing public files like login scripts, GPO,templates etc.
  • Sysvol uses File Replication ¬†Services ( FRS ) for replication.
  • FRS is replication service used for replication of DFS and Sysvol contents.

What are LDAP and its Port?

Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a protocol used to access active directory database. it uses port number TCP 389.

What are Distinguish Name and Relative Distinguish Name?

For Every object in active directory has a distinguished name ( DN). The DN is unique from all other objects and contains the full information needed to retrieve the object.

The DN contains the domain where the object resides and the path to the obaject.

The DN is made of these attributes:

  • Domain Component name (DC)
  • Organizational unit Name (OU)
  • Common Name (CN)

For Example:

CN: Rohit, OU=admins, DC=vision, DC=com

this above path specifies that a user name Rohit resides in admin OU and this OU belong to the domain vision.com.

RDN- Relative Distinguish Name

The RDN is the part of DN, that defines the actual object, called an attribute. this is the CN, or common name.

What is Schema?

Schema defines the structure and attributes of every object stored in active directory.

Why a GC and infrastructure master role should not be on same DC?

Because both store cross reference objects which we will conflict if they are on same DC and thus produce lingering project issue.

How we can administrator directory service restore mode password?

We can change directory service restore mode password using ntdsutil.exe utility.

Example: ntdsutil “set dsrm password” “reset password on server DC1”





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