User Administration in Linux ( Redhat/centOS)

User Administration in Linux ( Redhat/centOS):-

Understanding ,

  • In computing, a user is a person who uses a computer or internet services
  • A user will have a user account that identifies the user by a username
  • To log on to a system, a user is required to authenticate himself with a password for the purpose of accounting, security, logging, and resources management.


Red hat Linux uses a User Private Group (UPG) Schema.

  • When a user is created a group with the same name at the username is also created.
  • This become the primary group for that user.
  • A user can have only one primary group.


When a user is created in Linux/Unix, the following are also created by default:

Home Directory         –              /home/[username]

Mail account               –            /var/spool/mail/{username}

{ if mail service running }

  • Unique user identifier [UID] and group identifier { GID}

Types of user

  • System Users             UID- 0 to 499
  • Normal Users             UID- 500 to 60,000

Users Database Files

  • /etc/password
  • /etc/shadow




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