Installation of Jenkins on Mac

Installation of Jenkins on Mac


Overview and Pre-requisite for Jenkins Installation:

Minimum Recommended Configuration:

  • Java 8 (either JRE or JDK)
  • 256MB free memory
  • 1GB+ free disk space

Recommended Configuration for Small Team:

  • Java 8
  • 1GB+ free memory
  • 50GB+ free disk space


To install from the website, using a package:

  • Download the Package for Mac

  • Open the package and follow the instructions

We can use brew to install Jenkins:-

Jenkins can also be installed using brew:

  • Install the latest release version
brew install Jenkins

Post-install (Setup Wizard)

  • Create Admin User and Password for Jenkins

Jenkins is initially configured to be secure on first launch. Jenkins can no longer be accessed without a username and password and open ports are limited. During the initial run of Jenkins a security token is generated and printed in the console log:

Token path will be available here: –

This token must be entered into the “Setup Wizard” and the first time you open the Jenkins UI. This token will also serve as the default password for the user admin if you skip the user-creation step in the Setup Wizard.

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