IAM – Identity Access Management

What is IAM ( Identity Access Management):-
– IAM allows you to Manage users and their level of access to AWS Console.
– It is important to Understand IAM and how to it works,both for the exam and for administrating a      company AWS account in real life.

What is the role of IAM ?

– It gives centralised rules or control of your AWS account
– It gives Shared Permission to your AWS account
– Provide Granular Permission
– Multifactor Authentication
– Allows you to setup your own security and password policy.

Critical Terms in IAM.

– Users => End Users
– Groups => A Collection of users under set of one permission.
– Roles => we can create roles and can then assign to AWS Resources.
– Policies => A Document Defines one or more permission

Important : IAM does not have any Region, It works globally.

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