Exam tips of IAM for Associates Exam

IAM consists of four Piller:-
1. Users
2. Groups
3. Roles
4. Policy Documents


Things to remember:-

– IAM is Universal.
– It does not apply to region at this time.
– The “root Account” is simply the account created when first setup of your AWS account.
– Root Account has complete admin access.
– New Users have ” NO permission” when first created in the “root account”.
– New Users are assigned “Access Key ID’ and “Secret Access Keys” when first created.
– Access key and secret key is not the same as password to login in to the comsole.
– We can use this to access AWS via the API’s and command line however.
– Always Setup “Multifactor Authentication” on your root account.
– We can create and customize our own password “rotation policies”

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    (July 27, 2017 - 4:49 pm)

    this is really very helpful !! Please share me amazon associate exam tips.

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