Exam based questions on – AWS Solution Architect Associate

1- In What ways does amazon simple storage service ( S3 ) object storage differ from block and file storage ? ( Choose 2 answers )

a) Objects contain both data and metadata.

b) Objects can be any size

c) Amazon S3 stores data in fixed size blocks.

d) Objects are identified by a numbered address.

e)  Objects are stored in Buckets.

Ans: – A and B

2- Amazon CloudWatch offers which types of monitoring plans? ( Choose 2 answers )

a) Basic

b) Detailed

c) Precognitive

d) Retroactive

e) Diagnostic

Ans: – A and B

3- Elastic Load balancing allows you to distribute traffic across which of the following?

a) Only within a single Availability zone

b) Multiple Availability zone with in a region

c) Multiple Availability  Zones within and between regions and on-premises virtualized instances running Openstack.

Ans: – B

4- What is the data processing engine behind Amazon Elastic MapReduce ( Amazon EMR)?

a) Apache Hadoop

b) Apache Hive

c) Apache HBase

d) Apache Pig

Ans:- A

5- What Types of AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment tier provision resources to support a web application that handles background processing tasks?

a) Web server environment tier

b) Worker environment tier

c) Database environment tier

d) Batch environment tier

Ans:- B

6- What Amazon Relational Database Service ( Amazon RDS ) feature provides the high availability for your database?

a) Regular Maintenance windows

b) Security groups

c) Automated Backups

d) Multi-AZ deployment

Ans:- D

7- Which of the following use cases is well suited for Amazon Redshift?

a) A 500TB data warehouse used for market analytics

b) A NoSQL, unstructured database workload

c) A high traffic, e-commerce web application

d) An in-memory cache

Ans:- A

8- Which Process in an Amazon Simple Workflow Service ( Amazon SWF ) workflow implements a task?

a) Decider

b) Activity Worker

c) Workflow starter

d) Business rule

Ans:- B

9- What must you do to create a record of who accessed your amazon simple storage ( Amazon S3) data and from where?

a) Enable Amazon CloudWatch logs.

b) Enable versioning on the bucket.

c) Enable website hosting on the bucket.

d) Enable server access logs on the bucket.

e) Create an AWS IAM bucket policy.

Ans:-  D

10- Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an eventually consistent storage system.

For what kinds of operations is it possible to get stale data as a result of eventual consistency?

a) GET after PUT of a new object.

b) GET or LIST after a DELETE.

c) GET after overwrite PUT ( PUT to an existing key).

d) DELETE after GET of new object.

Ans:-  C

11- Your company wants to host its secure web application in AWS. The internal security policies consider any connections to or from the web server as insecure and require application data protection. What approaches should you use to protect data in transit for the application? ( choose 2 answers )

a) Use BitLocker to encrypt the data

b) Use HTTPS with server certificate authentication.

c) Use an AWS Identity and Access Management ( IAM ) role.

d) Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) for database connection.

e) Use XML for data transfer from client to server.

Ans:- B,D

12- You have an application that will run on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( Amazon EC2 ) instance. The application will make requests to Amazon Simple Storage Service ( Amazon S3 ) and Amazon DynamoDB. Using best practices, what type of AWS identity and Access Management ( IAM ) identity should you create for your application to access the identified services?

a) IAM role

b) IAM user

c) IAM group

d) IAM directory

Ans:- A

13- When a request is made to an AWS Cloud services, the request is evaluated to decide whether it should be allowed or denied . The evaluation logic follows which of the following rules? ( choose 3 answers)

a) An explicit allow overrides any denies.

b) By default, all requests are denied.

c) An explicit allow overrides the default.

d) An explicit deny override the allows.

e) By default, all request are allowed.

Ans:- B,C,D

14- Under a single AWS account, you have set up an Auto Scaling group with a maximum capacity of 50 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( Amazon EC2 ) instances in us-west-2.When you scale out, however, it only increases to 20 Amazon EC2 instances. What is the likely cause?

a) Auto Scaling has a hard limit of 20 Amazon Ec2 instances.

b) If not specified, the Auto Scaling group mazximum capacity defaults to 20 Amazon EC2 instances.

c) The Auto Scaling group desired capcityis set to 20, so Auto Scaling stopped at 20 AMazon EC2 instances.

Ans: – D


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