Set Grub password in Centos 7 & Redhat

How to set grub password in centos 7 :-  GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is a default boot loader in all Unix-like operating system. As we already know about “How to reset a forgotten root password“, here we are going to review how to protect GRUB with secure password. As we know about single user mode and may change […]

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud ( Amazon VPC)

 Amazon VPC is the networking layer for Amazon Elastic Compute  Cloud ( Amazon EC2 ), and its allows you to build your own virtual network within AWS. we can control various aspects of amazon VPC, including like : – selecting your own IP address range – creating your own subnets – configuring own route tables […]

Red Hat Linux Network Configuration and Troubleshooting

we can use  ‘ man <command or filename>’  for help pages. file editor common an all Linux and Unix System

2. concatenate and view files

3. file pager with many features

4. extract information based  on keywords

Configuration Files. Used Primarily to define static IP to hostname mappings.

Define name […]

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a network based object store and services that locates and manages resources. It makes all the resources to authorized users and groups. The Principle of Active Directory is that everything is considered an object – people – servers – Workstations – Documents – Devices Forest, Trees and Domains are includes in Active […]

UNIX commands in Real time Projects

1- How to display the 10th line of a file?

2- How to remove the header from a file?

3- How to remove the footer from a file?

4- Write a command to find the length of a line in a file? it can be used to get a line from a […]

Basic Linux Interview Questions

1- What is the Difference between CLI and GUI? CLI – Command Line Interface ( Users working on Terminal ) GUI – Graphical User Interface ( Users working on Graphical Mode ) 2- What is Linux? Linux is a UNIX based operating system. It was first introduced by Linus Torvalds. It is an open source operating […]