About Us

MyTechadmin is not a website but its a group of IT information hub. Generally Tech admin guys upload latest configurations, installations, troubleshooting, of latest technologies which is using in the industries.

Now we are focusing on that fields of experts:-

  • AWS ( Amazon Cloud computing)
  • Open Source
  • Docker
  • Linux Administrator
  • Git 
  • Virtualizations
  • DevOps
  • Database
  • Ansible

We will try to face to face with the new technologies troubleshooting and Handling current patten of IT companies. we have lot of experts who has writing of his experiencing what they are facing on the daily bases work around.

Mytechadmin is a platform where we are providing  all the technical stuffs. On the daily bases we have done lot of things sometimes things very easy or sometimes we need to troubleshoot them. it means just post here your “good technical things” and “bad technical things”.

This is completly based on the “Knowledge sharing” so that we can compare and know the new technologies. Everytime we are trying to grow up as more then before but we need to share our knowledge time to time and without sharing the knowledge we can’t update itself.